May 2020

The course is open.  CLICK HERE for the weather this week.


Golfers should practice social distancing - staying 6 feet apart, no shaking hands, etc. - to protect everyone’s health and safety and to slow the spread of the virus.

Following the lead of CSGA and neighboring courses, we also ask that you:

1. Leave pins in the cups – PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THEM
2. Cups will have a foam insert; if possible remove the ball with your putter.
3. Please “give” putts within 3 feet of the cup, use your putter to roll back the ball.
4. All Bunker rakes have been removed from the course.  Smooth bunkers with your feet (you may play preferred lies or treat all bunkers as Ground under Repair).
5. Don’t touch your colleague’s equipment including bags, clubs and golf balls.
6. Bring a wet towel from home to clean your equipment.  There are no ball washers on the course.
7. Continue to store your clubs at home.
8. Bring a water bottle from home. There are no water coolers on the course.

Please limit the use of the clubhouse, locker rooms, golf shop, and community room. If you need to use these facilities please wash your hands and use hand sanitizers before and after touching door knobs and other surfaces.

Thank you for your cooperation.