The Professional Staff has the goal of providing the utmost in professional instruction and we will make every effort to accommodate all the members’ wants and needs.  We request your patience and understanding when scheduling appointments and appreciate punctuality.  With the logistics of our practice facility it is wise to plan on an early arrival and make sure you have alerted the staff that you are here.  The drive to and from the practice facility can be time- consuming and some “warm-up” will be beneficial.

In the development of your game there will be times when “teaching/learning” is needed and there will be times when “coaching” is necessary.  Our goal is to teach you “how to learn” the skills, and then “coach” you toward the fulfillment of your goals.  The definition of a coach is “a vehicle that takes you from where you are, to where you want to be”.  With that in mind, the instructional programs described below are designed to fulfill your desires to enjoy playing the game of golf.  Come along and let’s enjoy the ride.